Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


If Pa interprets Act 10 as Civil they WILL put people back into the registry that came off who have time remaining. You can bet on that. Like I said, the key is whether Act 10 is civil or criminal. They removed people becuase Muniz said so, but now that (in Pa’s mind) Act 10 is civil, we can put those who haven’t completed their original sentence back on. If you completed your original sentence, then you are good.

I guarantee you if you do not register on your 10 th anniversary, they will violate you. Ask they will tell you. I have known plenty of friends who thought this wasn’t so, and they are in prison right now.

Vested right doctrine is a valid doctrine. However, Muniz DID NOT create anything. Just enforced what was there already.