Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

Jim B

1. 631 doesn’t even come close to a violation of the single subject rule both bills amend the same section of law and are SO laws. Stop wasting time saying it is.

2. The DA may be giving the PSP guidance on removal but the DA doesn’t just like or dislike someone and decide who they want off the list it is ether you are due relief or not so calling the DA does nothing but piss them off.

3. We need to hear from Aaron Marcus on this he has active cases in Philly. And the prison society.

4. A person does 10 yrs from their registration date no crazy math needed or charts, not 11 yrs or a base yr.

5. People removed will not be put back on thats ridiculous. The reviews are looking at what the new laws are not just Muniz otherwise they would have removed people that haven’t finished or can’t finish their time under old laws, and they didn’t the only people removed have finished their time on reg. As far as Terry cases is concerned they are trying to pull a fast one on him. They removed him early to stop his case no one else has been removed early quiet the opposite.