Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I think I can explain the confusion on “Base year”. A lot people think the 10th year you do not have to register for example, if you started in 2008 a lot of people think that means you don’t have to register in 2018. That is untrue. You have to register every year for 10 years. Once you have gone done to PSP for 10 annual registration update ;if you register annually) you are done. However, giving our example, from 2018 to 2019 your info will still be on the website and you are still required to update your info IF it changes.

You have to register for 10 FULL years, and not once my 10th comes along, I am done. That is incorrect.

2008-2009 Year 1

2009-2010 Year 2

2010-2011 Year 3

2011-2012 Year 4

2012-2013 Year 5

2013-2014 Year 6

2014-2015 Year 7

2015-2016 Year 8

2016-2017 Year 9

20117-2018 Year 10

In 2018, you have to go register. Also, from 2018/2019 if you info changes you have to update.