Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Thanks for the info, I went in to talk to my attorney today, gave him my court transcript and my SORNA letter from 2012, he was not clear to why I ever had to register first of all and why I’m still on the registry seeing that 631or whatever is law now, I said I was charged in the state I came from, did my time and moved to pa in 99 doing mail in probation reporting, finished my probation, then in 02 the detective showed up on my door step telling me I had to register at the psp , Now back to 2018, my attorney said they only added ten years to your time your a t1, I said no I’m a t2 it clearly states that on my ml profile, I did 10 years and they added 10 plus I think they gave me good time for when I was charged, he said but they only added ten years not 25 years, he seams to think psp fucked up and put me under t2 but I was suposed to be t1 or the other way around, he doesn’t understand that 10 years was already done, they don’t just give you 25 all over again, Monday he’s is suposed to be at DA’s office , apparently the da has a something to do with who’s on and who’s off in the county you live in, so he said he will talk to the da to see if they will do something for me, he also said if they can then we don’t need to go any farther, he said if they can’t we will have to petition to get me off now, he said they will put my money I spent today twards the potion if need be, I said what about sending a letter to cease and desist to psp, he laughed and said, what good will that due it’s all through the DA’s office.
I mention class action lawsuit for the people on NARSOL and other sites, he said his office doesn’t want anything to do with class action lawsuits, sorry everyone your on your own till some lawyer what to step up to the plate.