Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


@ Brian

I had my lawyer send it about two weeks ago. i thought it might be a good idea, as i saw others doing it. my lawyer also sent one to psp back after the A.S. decision, and they did respond, and they did switch my tier from lifetime to 25yr. although i have no proof that the letter did any good, they might have very well reviewed me on there own. ( i just wanted to make sure my name didn’t slip through the cracks ) anyway the short version of the letter says, that I’m aware of the PASC decision, and the new legislation, (now law), and believe based on my dates, and offenses, that i am due relief. he provided all the dates, and conviction info to them( official docs of course) to “help” them along, so technically, i have a few months to go, so I’m sure i am not a priority, however, I’m watching them closely, and if i don’t get relief when my time is due, or some kind of response as to what they will do…my lawyer is ready to file suit, depending on what excuse they give, if they don’t give me relief. he feels, i might have a couple of angles to attack it, but i got to wait and see what they do…