Reply To: Guns and sexual offenders: strange bedfellows?


I hope Sandy monitors this before posting this and it is my letter I intend to send to the president which I have suggest you all do and since this shooting has came up this may be appropriate at this time. I would like to get an opinion.

If you will recall I have addressed you in a letter a few times over the past few months.. While I know your job can be tough as President of the United states remember God has a plan for you and sure God’s plan will come about. This is only one situation about the gun control and the issues that facing the nation. Yes I am the one that has written a few times that had my encounter with the sex registry as well as others that were caught up via this internet ordeal Now with this ordeal and the gun ordeal should we all say the phrase from the movie “Network” I am mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.
While this school endeavor was a very tragic thing it was also a public type episode and taking a human life’s are the most tragic thing upon the face of the earth. While you may have your theories about all this gun control and this sex offender issue I wonder which is worse, someone getting caught up in a internet duping session or someone out in broad daylight blowing away innocent school children.
Now the bible says “Thy shall not kill” still weapons are sold to one that has money and no one thinks anything of it. I’m sure every dot and tittle is checked before the sale of said weapon but than you also have the sex offender that one has to play a deceitful unbiblical game of opportunity chance thru an internet to entangle one or ensnare one with this opportunity with a spice of sex as a good measure trapping.
While I can’t see the reasoning in one of these ordeals. While I can see the reasoning in the physical danger of guns and gun control, it all need to be stopped. Guns in the hands of those that people don’t watch out for are the pitfalls one should be looking for. An unruly boy that gets kicked out of school that may or may not have a gun is unpredictable, the same boy that was locked up in jail talking to others about some terror issues or tactics or unruly state can be someone to notice but it seemed unnecessary, or his unruly behavior in those physical endeavors.
Yes we all have issues but the American people want gun control and even my sister doesn’t like guns. Protection is good in a life threating situation but these encounters don’t usually take place at school and in this day and age a school should be locked down and some type of security be enforced while kids are attending school. Guns are not the answer, protection is. Yes one does have unruly people today and if that’s s the case the teacher should send them home to cool off such as a time out session and give him or her the liberty to come back to school when they can apologize and are in a better frame of mine. Would you not think that would be fair. Expelling isn’t the answer either unless they are too unruly.
And here the simple sex offender that got caught up in this internet exchange seems no better than someone that actually and physically took lives. While one is predicting the other is a real encounter, so actually how does one balance that? Predicting is one thing actions and thoughts are another.