Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Jim B offense but in. my opinion not stating fact here but you may have an issue because you registered here in PA after SORNA on 8/15/2013 and PA goes by what ever reg time is greater either the PA classification or your old States reg time. They classified you as 25yrs not 10 or even 15 so it looks like they determined you should have a longer period of time in PA when you first reg in PA. That means they over ruled your old States classification. If you had been classified 10yr in PA pre SORNA you’d be getting the so called automatic removal sorry it doesn’t look like you would qualify for the 10yrs in my opinion. All the PA laws have always said which ever time is greater and they carried that over to the new act 10. I’am afraid someone has mislead you in to thinking you would go to a 10yr reg by the looks of it.