Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


Here is some of what I believe should be part of the upcoming ACLU lawsuit regarding the Does-v-Snider ruling (and included in any subsequent legislation):

As concerns Disabled Persons on the registry – If a person that is permanently or temporarily disabled, or medically compromised, does not have the ability to register, (including weather conditions) whether in-person at a law enforcement agency or online, law enforcement should go to the individual to register them. Law enforcement, the registrant, or the registrant’s legal representative should have the ability to petition the court to discontinue registration for individuals that are disabled. This includes persons with learning or physical disabilities (including, but not limited to conditions such as autism, cognitive impairment, cancer, Alzheimer/dementia, debilitating illness, severe injury, etc.).

In addition to my severe and permanent physical disability, I am also plagued with other health conditions which exacerbate and make the burden of in-person registering impossible. While all other State Agencies recognize these medical facts and come to my home for required needs, the SORA laws and rules do not offer this easy and reasonable option. Further, I do not have anyone who can register for me via a Medical and Legal Power of Attorney.