Reply To: ACLU of Michigan implores Michigan registrants to remain compliant, for now


Related to all disabled persons, we need a Federal Lawsuit to bring the following result:
Disabled Persons – If a person that is permanently or temporarily disabled, or medically compromised, does not have the ability to register – including weather-related conditions and additional illness to said disability-, whether in-person at a law enforcement agency or online, law enforcement should go to the individual to register them. Law enforcement, the registrant, or the registrant’s legal representative should have the ability to petition the court to discontinue registration for individuals that are disabled. This includes persons with learning or physical disabilities (including, but not limited to conditions such as autism, cognitive impairment, cancer, Alzheimer/dementia, debilitating illness, severely disabling injury, etc.)

I am frequently in additional to my paralysis unable to register in-person due to severe additional illnesses (like Urinary Tract Infection, the flu, etc.), which leave me weak and unable to drive and undergo the physical works to get dressed and perform all the transfers into the driver’s seat, out of it, into and out of the wheelchair and then to undress when back home.

I also have no one able to do this registration for me with a Medical Power of Attorney exception.