Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Hey Hey!
Dave is back! I finally got a laptop and a room, no job yet though 🙁

So, I’m an SVP, convicted in 2010. Simple enough. Now with the ruling of Com v. Butler, I put in paperwork to have the svp tag stripped. Judge still won’t rule on it months later.

So since a Court cannot find someone as an SVP anymore, what will happen? Basically what I’m saying is, do I still have that SVP tag under this new law or not?
State police told me in person yesterday that NOTHING has changed and EVERYONE who was “taken off the list will be going back on sooner or later” so what gives?

How does this affect me with the Butler ruling? Does it affect me at all or not?

Here is some legal work I did for a buddy in prison. TODAY the Judge ruled he had NO registration requirements whatsoever!!!!! Read last entry:

So wtf, he has way more charges and his judge signs off on him so the PSP cannot legally make him register yet Im still on the chopping block?

I went yesterday for my monthly counseling “shall attend a monthly counseling session” and the idiot guy told me that I have to go 2 times a week for the first year or he will call PSP and tell them I am refusing my counseling? Wtf he’s breaking the law because he gets paid for all the times I go in, and he’s talking about weekly polygraphs blah blah… Im not on parole , I maxed out…? AND AND, theres 2 providers for all of Dauphin county, the other one said exactly the same thing.