Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


While Mary Devoy does her thing by going to the capital listening to bills about sex offender issues and others want to fight these things in court with defendants in certain circumstances . One would have to address all this as biblical as it is going against thieir code of ethics and the oath one takes to be a police officer. Internet sting operations are satanic by those pseduo christian police that practice these pertending encounters engaged to snare otherwise citizens. So therefore they are moral don’t register up to morality . Man going against man is not what the police is all about. A true christian doesn’t give and opportunity like this. Its time for people to put their head’s together and understand and get others involved for this effort we all face
Asuming that one is going to offend is like assuming that the whole USA is going to offend at one point which is evil. If anything it is using a sin/transgression to catch a sin. Call them the sin squad by presenting an opportunity such as this., Actually does government appears to have no value in even presenting these opportunities unless it is for greed or self rightous glory to safegard a ficititous person by presenting a fictitous opportunity and using sex as a common demonator. Asking for pictures of if one is going to bring rubbers when the motive is to snare by these deceptive means. If I were NARSOL I would get the American Civil Liberties Union involved in all this hardship that is unbiblical as I’m sure we all have principals in life. They are suppose to be the ministers of justice for good but in this instance they are going a bit above a lot of issues and that be for their financial gain or who know’s, A lot of this is a “gray issue” line that those have came up with to induce others in an unbiblical way. Is it a learning for both involved, sure it is as their are proper ways of doing things. Wow talk about a Harper Valley PTA Society. I guess the police officers have been wearing their skirts too high.