Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


For many years I have read other peoples problem’s, their thoughts on how to solve the registration laws and have like clockwork donated to the various organizations over the years, but as I sit here and write one thing is very clear only small changes have occurred. We are still a beaten down class of people who are unable to get the desired numbers that are registered to help with the cause. Sometimes I think what needs to be done instead of trying to run out of America is move into areas in great numbers, run for city council, mayor, control the votes in smaller communities with vast numbers, change the laws, be productive members of the areas you move into. Though out history there have been groups who have moved to places to avoid persecution for them and their families, we as a second-class citizen are no different, many states will allow you to run for some type of office, whether it is city, county etc. We have enough people on the registries to populate a small state or large city. I am still one that does not buy into to the I cannot find a job since I myself know that most of the RCs in my area that want a job have one, yes maybe not the best job but it helps pay the bills. In my state I vote every election, no matter if its national or local, sure lawsuits work in some places but most of the time it is just the attorneys who come out ahead, I am not talking about living in a commune setting because that would never be for me or mine but a town, city or state where we could really make a difference and also prove we are not monsters. My family has paid in full for my actions, it is really time to have our life back, but the million-dollar question is how? How to control the rage that many live with because of our lawmakers who continue to stomp on us after the facts and long after we paid our debt to society as they have stated many times over the years. What I have seen over the many years is a group of people that just do not know how to fight, so many RCs that if they would just join forces could probably make the journey go a lot faster.