Reply To: Candidate for judgeship defends choice of SO assistant

kind of living

She is a hero to say the least , since even some RC’s are so willing to bash those that have done their time and are trying to better them self’s . I mean how dare us think we are humans after we were already judged in court you know “the people ” only to be judged again for years after the alleged crime by yet our own RC community , and I my self outed for standing up for an RC that dared to rise above his past , its sad really that no matter how long many of us have been part of this movement I myself have well over 30 years in this fight pushed to the limit not only by foolish witch hunters right along with my family , only to feel attacked by internet thug on an internet RC site , a them against us attitude , So this attorney is very brave and should get medal of honor , it shows that not all attorney’s are two faced fabricators , I love people like this . let the spirt of the Lord shine on her