Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement


I am required to have it on my ID in the state of TN but it is just a number under restrictions like glasses or contacts etc.
That doesn’t bother me because its basically just for law enforcement and they are mostly all that knows what that number means. Not everyday people that I might have to show it too for whatever reason, but id I had to have Sex Offender put on my Id. I would probably cry. I’m not sure if I would even comply. I follow all their rules and don’t want to not follow them but that just seems too much. I like to drink wether at home or at a bar so I get carded for those things. I guess that would stop because it is none of any ones business at a liquor store or bar about my past. I go to cash my check at the bank or wal-mart it is non of those peoples business either. I don’t know what I would, probably have a mental breakdown from the shame and hate or disgust in peoples eyes when they would read it. Especially not knowing why or what happened just automatically assuming that I abused a child. This is wrong and is totally Cruel and Unusual Punishment.and hope whoever came up with this can sleep at night on other peoples suffering.