Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I filed the Exception to Mootness motion to the court.

The PAG lawyer wants to say that we don’t need to go to court if they in good faith removed me from the registry. That is not true. My Complain had on it a punitive money damage claim also.

The PSP damaged my reputation by shaming. The Freed Muniz Cert on the Federal issue delayed me thinking there was a stay on the Muniz case under state and federal issue. Stay was only on the federal issue.

I filed to show that other case when forward – Commonwealth v. Wolff got heard under Muniz stay.

The PAG think that because I have no lawyer I will fall for anything. She got the right one. I have street smarts – too and I know that they don’t want to [pay me money now. The court will make the PSP pay the money to me.

That is their problem now. I need my day in court to get a “JUDICIAL DETERMINATION” Not going to stop appealing until I get this – The HB 1952 is on my tracks to put me back on the registry – but is I have a “JUDICIAL DETERMINATION” the HB 1952 will not affect me at all. Muniz is what got me off the registry – bUT it seems like the Pa Assembly don’t MUNIZ to keep pre-SORNA people off the registry.

MUNIZ decision in the PASC decision that HB 1952 wants to ingnore as if it never happen