Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

Ricardo Gomez

What is going on with the mod or mods that keep from posting my comment after several attempts of posting it when my comment absolutely violates none of your rules!!!? Is my opinion that much hurtful? Or full of sense? Did I stir someone’s feelings or views? (maybe you should not be modding if that is the case) I would like to know because otherwise it feels discriminatory that worse comments, longer and at time insulting get allowed posted, but mine that has none of that and is respectful does not get allow posted. -You can edit the above part and take it out if you do choose to post my comment or to answer me why not-

To: Robin, Sandy, Theresa (Parsol) and all volunteering at NARSOL

First a heartfelt Thank You for all of your hard work in advocating for the reforming of Sex Offense Laws and doing what you have been able to by educating Officials in our government & the public.
With all these attacks from posters to each other, references to there being “moles” posting on the forums (which would not surprise me on an -open to the public- forum) and the constant claims of people calling themselves “Professionals” in this field or another, I am starting to think that this movement is being destroyed before it even has done some significant or major effects on this RSO laws. And by “significant or major effects” I am referring to the wide consensus of many that believe that without a large peaceful march and lawsuits (Local, State and Federal) we will never get anything truly accomplished.

If NARSOL, or any of its affiliates at the many participating/organizing States would create a “Lawsuit Kick starter Fund” (exactly as named) that is visible to all in order for everyone to see its progress with a goal to be reached (as determined by what a lawyer(s) would require in $$$ to see the “lawsuit” thru completed to the end with appeals and everything (which the government will often do) and not be asking more money half way thru (as many are slick on doing); I know without a shadow of doubt, that people (RSO & Families & Supporters educated or not) will contribute towards that goal and probably reach it. Only hire the lawyer(s) after they have reached a contractual agreement to full price ’til the end if you hire them! Raise the funds afterwards, but do not discuss the plans of a “Kick starter to raise funds” (sorry, but I do not trust the lawyer profession much. If they are aware (before having such biding agreement) and see the Kick starter reach and surpass the goal, they might suddenly have a “change of heart” need for more $$$. If the goal is reached, anything extra should go to the Narsol’s General Fund or better yet, to a Sex Offense Victims Advocating Organization. If the goal is not reached, then no lawsuit! Give the money back! Pretty simple right?

Also, same active counter should be created to show people willing to participate on a peaceful “march” only valid by pledge of signature agreement (signature being a valid name (no Last name) and phone number, —but no dang email to be required—) that could be verified by a simple 10 second phone call to each participant pledging to participate. I know I would! And I would also donate time to make the calls to verify the pledges as well. Win win, right!?

I gave you the blueprint, the idea, my idea, and I am not charging or asking for compensation of any kind (though I should for I, yes “I” think it is a pretty awesome idea. Whether anyone want to roll with it or make further excuses as to why not or to continue to seat and wait some more in hopes of this or that well, we will see won’t we!? But I refuse to accept the -sit-wait-do nothing- rhetoric specially from lawyers (I am not sorry for my view on the matter).

But please understand, the faith or hope (as the only thing left to some) in what NARSOL stands for and you, each representing the body and/or believe of an “idea(s)” of core values that include so many principles per our very laws as a society (like the unalienable right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”) is dwindling/diminishing as no “real action” is being taken in the eyes or mind of public perception. Yes, the very public perception that gets people convicted of a crime sometimes before due process or a trial. Only difference is that “this public perception” I speak of (and of great significance), is the very public you believe in helping/doing to make their lives just, productive, etc. And many, if not all will start to withdraw their support monetarily, yes, but most importantly (in my humble opinion) the faith or hope in what can be accomplished. Myself included.

You have started something great (RSOL/NARSOL)! Some of you for personal reason about your own criminal convictions, some because of experiences with a loved one (immediate family or friend). Too bad I could not think of it or be an initial part for I was younger and living a life in ignorance that things like this only happen to “bad people & nasty criminals that do not deserve to live” The irony of life!

Please, I beg of you, do not let this great “band of Brothers & Sisters” fall into a state of oblivion. George Orwell already “predicted” that for our World.