Reply To: Candidate for judgeship defends choice of SO assistant


Actually amazing stories do happen. Just because one is a felon or even a typed casted as a sex offender a lot of people don’t know the background of themselves at times. Even the Old Testament will give you lifetime stories. Today it seems biblical principals are out of the question. We the people run this world and Christianity has no value in it.
It is a sad state of affairs when one takes Christianity out of America. I guess the examples in the bible for all those pseudo-Christians do not mean much today especially for police officers. Its as if the police officer is even over its maker
We should all have second or did we all skip that in Sunday school. Human’s are not some throw away tin can’s are they. A good government should be a good government or can one with a record still run for government. Do we all leave it for man to judge another or should we all be two faced with challenges of this sex offender ordeal or second chance ordeal.