Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Lol my brother and I had Atari but I don’t remember the one c vision, of course my parents up rooted my family because my grandfather passed away, we were shipped out west to a very very nasty neighborhood, I witnessed a gang fight at the grade school I attended, must have been over 500 members and there were no police to be seen, it was a bloody massacre, this was not during school it was in the summer of 1989, needles to say it was a little selfish of my mother to drag us there, I would have never got in the trouble I did, I joined a gang because all my friends were gang members or there older brothers were in a gang, ive been shot at, beet up, beet other people up, grew up unable to trust anyone after that. This registry is crippling, I used to not be scared of anyone, never afraid to dye, but now let me tell you this registry business has got me shook I have to admit and it sucks but it’s almost over.