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Linda Y.

TM -Thank you for responding.

When I arrived in Mexico at 1:55 p.m. from LAX on Alaska Airlines, I had to transition to Interjet Airlines for a flight to Guatemala at 9:00 p.m. on the same day, Jan. 28, 2018. Since I wanted to retrieve my check-on baggage from the Alaska baggage claim area, I followed the crowd to what I thought would lead me to Alaska’s carousel, but instead, lead me to Customs. Doors to other parts of the airport seemed to be locked and/or guarded.
The night before I left, I looked throughout my passport to see if there were any “RSO” signs on it. I didn’t know the sign was invisible. I heard that Costa Rica, Thailand, and the Philippines were rejecting RSOs, but I didn’t know Mexico was too, otherwise I would have cancelled my flights and my hotel reservations and saved myself over $500 and several hours of my time.
Ironically, the fiancé I was going to meet in Guatemala is my so-called “victim” from my 1992 case, my one and only case ever. We met just last year online. He had been searching for me for over two decades. He was born and now lives in El Salvador. We thought it would be easier for me to go down there to be married, than it would be for him to come to the U.S. considering that the U.S. is very protective of it’s borders. Both of us are stumped. I have been very depressed and am going to group meetings in Los Angeles for former inmates and their families, and I am also seeing a psychologist to deal with my dilemma. My fiancé and I still hope to marry, but I am feeling hopeless on being able to ever see him again.
I am researching all avenues, and even if I don’t find a solution, I am at least glad I found this site, because it showed me I am not alone. Here, I can share my story with others having similar problems.
Also, I will be complaining to the United Nations, although if I hadn’t been so insecure, I could have stood up for my Universal Human Rights better. I did ask to see a U.S. consulate, but I was told I would miss my plane back home if I waited, and I was homesick and worried about arrest, so I left for the U.S.A.