Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Jim B

Someone said they talked to PSP and they told them that it would be imposable to finish all the reviews before people have to register under the new laws. I say it is imposable to send someone a letter saying you have to register on new law unless they have proof you have time left to register. That would be the same as sending anyone of the street a letter saying you must register on new law they have to have proof you need to register. Same goes for arresting someone for not registering on new law, they can’t arrest you unless they have proof you need to register. Just because they decided to leave your information up on the ML website doesn’t prove you need to register. The new laws say if your time has expired under an old law then this law doesn’t apply to you. They can’t just assume you have time on the reg still. The time information they have on the website means nothing because it is ruled unconstitutional.