Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

Jim B

Joe what area are you in I have some in my area none removed yet. You are right they seem to be starting with most wanted and absconders the numbers have dropped for them. Just curious they may be working different locals PSP last time I called in the woman who answered said the woman that you would have talked to would be the one reviewing your file but she was on the phone. I think that they are doing it by your last name because that is how they already have it set up and by what that lady said. So each person answering phone and doing reviews has certain letters of last names that they cover. Someone with an odd first letter in their last name might get removed quicker if they start with those in their group they have been assigned. So if a person doing reviews has the letters QRS to review And your last name starts with Q they might get to you quicker or they could be dicks and do R and S first there are a lot of those.