Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Jim B

Terry I see exactly what you are saying. I have a question lets look at the review process PSP is the ones performing this. Who is to say they even have the authority to decide who’s time is up or not? What law are we under right now none, the law is what gave them the authority in the first place. Also if they still have the authority to review us that does not give them the power to decide before a review has been done a person on no law at the time has to go on new reg. If they do not review a person and determine they still have time on reg than they can not put someone on new bill legally. The new law says if your time has expired under an old law this law does not apply. Besides those points I do not think PSP has the power to review are cases at all because the court has to decide that we have completed our obligation under the old laws So a new order by the court would have to be issued in order for them to bypass the review and put us on new law. There is no way they can legally register someone without a review first and the person has completed their time under new law. If they do this it will be a serious breach and will be liable big time.