Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


Somehow, I miss where your comment does not fall in line with my own. And, I would like to know what accomplishments H.G. Wells has made toward Civil liberties. Maybe you have a quote from Gandi, or Mandela?

Action gets results. If we simply do nothing and ask the enemy to love us, then we will all end up with a knife in our backs. When it comes to these people who have nothing but the clothes on their backs and less than a dollar to their name, then it’s clear that the quote form Mr. Wells is not applied in our society. (most people would just ignore it with the same distrust that we here give to all educated individuals.)
What needs to happen is people on the registry getting together along with family and friends, and doing what it takes to stop an egregious claim on our rights and liberties. This is USA people… The land of the free and the brave. Who are you?