Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Chuck
The PSP sent me a letter saying Muniz case applied to me and I am being removed from the registry as of 9 February 2018 – then in bold letters in the letter it said (PLEASE BE ADVISED – THE PSP MAY BE COMPELLED TO REVIEW YOUR FILE IN THE FUTURE TO DETERMINE WHETHER YOU ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER AS A SEXUAL OFFENDER PURSUANT TO ANY NEW LEGISLATION IN RESPONSE TO MUNIZ.)

Chuck these words are telling me to get ready to receive a 90 notice to report into an approve PSP site to register under HB 1952 when it becomes law.

The main issue in all this is to block me from a “judicial determination” you and I been going over on what it means.
The PSP by voluntary cessation stopped doing the thing that made me mandamus in court against them. When they took me off the registry they think that there is now no need to go to a court for judicial determination now.

They know what HB 1952 says on page 109 line 5-14 about the importance of getting a “judicial determination”

that is what they are blocking me from- The PAG lawyer filed moot dismiss answer to my mandamus. you can follower the court paper filing on commonwealth court docket on 463 MD 2017

I filed EXCEPTION TO MOOTNESS OBJECTION to show that the PSP has hidden motive in following Muniz in my case. The HB1952 is not law yet so they have to follow Muniz- but they are telling me something is coming to COMPEL them TO REVIEW MY FILE IN THE FUTURE TO DETERMINE WHETHER I AM REQUIRED TO REGISTER AS A SEXUAL OFFENDER PURSUANT TO ANY NEW LEGISLATION IN RESPONSE TO MUNIZ.

Can you see what is going on in this? If you cannot then you may not understand the meaning of “judicial determination” I been telling you about all this time and how impotant it is to get to keep Muniz protection that HB 1952 want to take away from us.
HB 1952 cannot hurt Brian it helps Him – But you and I we still have time left. Muniz gets us off just until HB 1952 its law status – then we go right back on. With Muniz still there – Muniz got me off – why can’t Muniz keep me of through HB 1952.

Chuck are you understanding this at all?