Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I believe the General Assembly knows that the Pa Supreme Court is going to rule the new law is punishment as well. That is why they are all retiring this year. The registry does suck, but I would rather do another 2 years and kill it then to come off now, have to go back on and be stuck for longer than 2 years. Like Terry said, they sent him a letter saying we may put you back on. What is the point of being removed if they can put you back on? The real fight isn’t being removed, it is killing the new law.
Filing individual claims in court is just going to clog the courts. Terry saw the window and jumped in at the right time. I foresaw 1952 being applied retroactively this is why I was concerned for Terry. I am very happy he was removed. Not to mention a waste of time and money until there is a ruling that says the new law cannot be applied retroactively. However, I am afraid the Pa Supreme Court may all the state to force people like me to finish our original sentences. Not that I would cry about it but for those who would be hurt by it. We shall see!!
My main objection to the registry is that it does not allow you to move on. It shames you each and every day.