Reply To: Lenore Skenazy – You may be a sex offender if…


B. Webb

Exactly, I am so happy to see that there is attention being given to both sides of this issue. The sex offender registry and all of the laws that followed are so out of control. I live in Florida one of the worst states to live in if you’re on the registry. My son is on the registry, he will be for life, he at age 17 viewed child porn via Lime wire. The law enforcement officer waited 4 months to arrest him, he ended up spending a total of 4 years in prison. In the past we have had officers show up at our door to do a compliance check, some have been very rude. I have broken no laws, yet they treated me horribly. Today my son answered our door, to 3 sheriff’s car’s then the deputy used the radio to call for a 4th car with a SWAT officer in it. What they wanted they quickly checked his ID even though he had just last month reregistered. After quickly checking the ID, he was asked where he worked? He answered, they then said Ok, and left. Four cars one being SWAT officer to ask where he worked. The reason he has been thinking of changing jobs to a better job, and also of buying a truck. He did a “what if” loan app to see if he changed jobs, if he could get a loan to buy the truck. Our tax dollars at work. When he was sentenced the Judge, the public defender, and a probation officer all said that my son was not a danger, he was “young and dumb”. While the registry was well intended, it has failed. It has never been shown to “protect” anybody, it is shown to do harm to those registered and their families. Their children are targeted for assaults, harassment, and bullying. It has made 1000’s homeless, it has torn families apart. Our country wants fathers/mothers to be actively involved in their children’s lives. These laws make that impossible. We desperately need to reform them, each day we add more and more people, we add more and more laws. I am a great admirer of Patty Wetterling, and find it encouraging that she can that she is speaking out against it. While my son is a registered sex offender, I also have two daughters one was drugged and raped at age 19, her two rapists were never charged. My youngest daughter was groomed and raped at age 15, her rapist never charged. My daughters although victims, are not broken forever. My youngest daughter walked out of her criminal justice class in protest of the sex offender laws. She has seen first hand both sides and she knows that the laws are unfair, and she says they are wrong. But I live in hopes that one day my son will have a life, and that he will be able to not live in fear for his life for something he did at age 17.