Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


I have to thank NARSOL and its staff for bringing this article up. Yes we all need decisions and we all as people need to understand the pro’s and con’s. Do we all just react and leave it up to police and Government. Some people didn’t even like Donald Trump but I believe that bringing back America is good. We all might not like personality of others but thats not the case.
Does war make hero’s. Does one say I have a penis mean they are on the registry the rest of their life. Does one talking to one on the internet mean that person is a real teenage person they induce one to believe. I believe bruce has the right answer to some of this as well as most others on here. Now their is one thing about human nature, nobody wants to show their weakness. Even Archie Bunker didn’t want to show his weakness. I doubt is Sammy Davis junior knew where he was coming from or Edith lol. but the whole thing is we all need human compassion and true decision making, if we left it up to Archie Bunker’s, I wonder were this USA would be.