Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed



There should be an irresponsible parent registry.
John Walsh and his wife are irresponsible parents that neglected their core duties as parents. Adam Walsh their 6-year-old son who was abducted from a Sears department store would not have been abducted in the first place if they were responsible parents. Like if the sex offender registry was up and running at the time it would of saved Adam. It was in fact Adams mothers fault for not knowing the basics of being a parent, never ever let your children out of your site,and her husbands fault for not teaching his wife to never ever lose site of our son, never ever forget that your son is with you where ever you go. But no she forgot her son was with her for how long?5-10-15 minuets?
And what about Megan’s parents? Three sex offenders lived across the street from them for how long? And they claim they had no idea they were there? Please, all the neighborhood gossip that women spit out of their mouth multiple times per day? Please. Her parents let her run free as long as she wanted.Again,even if the registry was up and running at the time their daughter still would have been running around/riding bicycles unattended. And they too blame others for their irresponsible parenting. All parents that have children that were abducted/molested blame everyone but themselves.But,in the back of their minds they are saying to themselves,[I shouldn’t of takin my eyes off of her/him for that long.I should have been thinking of what if.I should have known better]
Even animals know not to leave their young unattended for Christ sakes. They should be put in jail where they can have all the time in the world to think of how irresponsible they were and the consequences of thier actions.
And when they get out they should have to register as a irresponsible parent on a irresponsible parent registry that says at the top in capital/bold letters.[THESE PARENTS ARE RESPOSIPLE FOR THE MUDER/RAPE/MOLESTASION/ OF THIER CHILDREN]John Walsh and his wife should be the 1st on the list with Megan’s parents 2nd.They should have any remaining children taken away and put in a more safe place and never ever allowed to have more children and be resricted from adopting.The irresponsible parent is a dangerous breed.
You folks may think i am just kidding.Make no mistake,i am serious.
Oh and lets not forget , Rayne Perrywinkle, In a dollar store playing a complete stranger that she needs money for she has fallen on hard times?Really?Please,she’s been playing men her whole stripper life, how many complete strangers has she brought home? Left alone with these complete strangers? They were probably baby sitting while she was out playing other johns.
I could go on and on, countless cases of irresponsible parents. The high profile irresponsible parents are responsible for the destruction of many registered SO family’s and should be punished for their misdeeds.