Reply To: Opinion: Virginia lawmakers unfairly target registered citizens


Folks you know we should appreciate everyone that strives to help in this sex ordeal. I know everyone is suffering to some extent. wather its over the cost of fines by tis, the lose, of jobs over this, or the lose of livelhood or liberty.
Do you know their are keys to everything and what do keys do. They unlock. I wonder if some have found the right key.. Should we all be angry over this sex thing, should we all be angry over taking advantage of others, or should we all be in our pitty-pots and say why did I do this? Now really is that how to solve problems. Now NARSOL and all the other advocates try to find the answer and even you all that comment on here and me as well look for an answer but we sometimes seem not to find the answer when the answer could be right in front of you. Now I know we all want to take a humanistic view of all this and try to solve this problem man’s logical way. Listening to congressman, and senators and other law makers that don’t know their tuxedo from their long johns. Wouldn’t it be time to step up to the plate and say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore” Now were was that movie pharase from?