Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Jim B, I thank you for the offer. I am interested, but I need a valid address (preferably a P.O. Box or a lawyer’s office I can verify) and or a phone number for contact. I do not use email period. Forgive me, but for all I know you could be an undercover LEO posting on this forums to accused me or others of not having a reported email address or whatever BS a LEO wants. No warrant, no due process! (which is why I vowed to never use an email ever again as many have chosen also, I am certain) I am too old and illiterate for understanding technology of today anyhow! I am very sorry if there is no alternative for contact for I would like to join your cause as it is mine too. (out of PA State conviction 15 years ago. Working on my base year, still on registry as of today and every day I checked since Summer of 2017). Am I afraid!? You can bet safely that yes, I am. Should not be, but I am! For 15+ years.