Reply To: NARSOL wants charges dropped against teacher


I had a post but I guess it never got posted but it doesn’t matter, what matters is the truth in all this mischarage. This teacher in connecticut as well as all teachers show bad examples, sure they were both of legal age from what I gather from reading up about this so should we all say we ourselves showed bad examples or where we caught up so to speak.

Did the guy in Florida show a deadly example? Does Government show bad examples or should we all reason with each other that this is the way it is and this is the way it should be. Believe it or not if we where good we wouldn’t need police enforcment would we. Now NARSOL and others are there to help and support this cause and so are others, and sure we all have to come together on this issue we all are fightening for.

Its just a shame that police seem to want to over ride others if you would like to cal it that. Dupe people thru an internet, spy on their activities and such. Now we are all human and we all do make mistakes but life threating mistakes are the worst kind. Hasn’t Government made mistakes, hasn’t our President made mistakes, or Government Rubio out in California or any one on this planet. Now when it comes to law who’s the one that crys’ for justice. At times law can be just as guilty.