Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief

Mr. Tim Lawver

There can be little doubt that most people seeking work in fire services are men. Men are far more likely to be sexually aggressive compared to females, Thus Jim may be correct in his statement concerning the high rate of sexual aggressive persons seeking work in the field of fire fighting. Fire fighting and rescue are adrenaline filled occupations. I can definitely see correlation between the emotional aspects of sexual offending, and the adrenaline rush involved in firefighting. I would also concur, without hesitation, with Jim that an unhealthy narcissism correlates to both groups. That concept certainly applies to our police forces and politicians as well. We have seen many documented cases in those fields too being occupied by sexual aggressors.

For this registrants money the real question is…How to prevent sexual abuse from occurring in the first case. In other words, what environmental factors are at play in the creation of sexual oriented offenders. We are born sinners, but are we born sex offenders? No! It is completely a cultural dilemma as is the SORs. The same can be said for gun crimes. These are problems of our own doing, but our solutions are reactionary and unproductive if not counter productive. Some social problems cannot be resolved via law making….. period!
Our founders knew that, thus they strictly prohibited certain govt action especially the Federal government, which in their minds eye had NO PLACE in the day to day lives of American citizens. In the recent Michigan decision concerning AWA the federal judge made that very pointed argument in HER conclusion. Yet, despite her conclusion, as well as the decision in the CO case pointed to cruel and unusual the trend continues. Politicians and potential judges are using the issue to gain votes for offices as it is if nothing else an effective strategy. I have witnessed the outcome of the last two supreme court elections here in Wisconsin. Each won by the candidate who claimed the other was weak or soft on sexual offenders. Each paid for TV and other state wide advertisements to make the claims. Effective indeed!