Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed

G. Web

I am not a Christian, but very educated with the Bible. All these so-called “Christians” in office who are passing these ” Stalin/Draconian ” laws should take a little time out and read the Bible. You know, the verse where Jesus told the crowd, ” LET HIM WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE.” Then maybe they can accept all of The Creators people. We have all paid our debt, forgiven ourselves, and the majority of us are older, wiser and see the pain not only to our victim, but to all the victims out there, and vowed with a death oath to not do it again. We are better people for it, and society needs to open there eyes and see it rather than their shepard’s (politicians), telling them what to think, do, say, or how to feel, like lambs going to slaughter.