Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Jim B
Stretton, Haenig’s was Reed’s lawyer- I called Him and He set me in the right direction under R.A.P. 1532 (b) summary Relief. He told me that Reed got of the same day Muniz did 19 July 2017. Their cases were back to back.

Reed case is the Case to stick with on Reputation and shaming by the web site – and Due process no hearing to show by fact base that one should be on the registry other than be a statue law saying so. SHOW THAT I AM A DANGER TO THE PA PUBLIC IN SOME WAY BY FACTS. . . NOT APPLIED PRESUMPTION.

Commonwealth V. Reed is good PASC law to stand by on the two issue I just stated. I do want to tell you that Chuck on here is a good resourcer – when we first meet on here I called him a hater – Now I wish I never did that because it was he that pushed me to file the Mandaus to get off the registry – I did not know what I was doing and Chuck guided me and encouraged me and today he stands tall in me eyes.

When Chuck talks he has all of our best interest in his mind. Brian is also a winner on here , can I add Cary and Snoopy, These are the people that banded together to push me. They thought I needed a lawyer, but I am asking $1,000 a day as punitive damages from the PSP for violating my rights by holding me on SORNA too long after filing Mandamus. They will claim qualified immunity but I am ready to take that on.

The only government agency that as qualified immunity is the U.S. Government and that can be fought too.

The PSP lawyer is the PAG and she calls me on the phone and tries to feel me out on which direction I am going.

She was very nervous about me being pro se and said that I need to get a lawyer. I told her I have a lawyer. . . . God leads me onward. He is my lawyer . . She said that God is her lawyer too.

We have the same lawyer – – Good – – – But she wanted me to tell her how I knew so much about this Megan’s Law stuff. Prison Law Library time is paying off. 9 years on reading and study self taught and prayer.I know Muniz got me off the registry but filing the Mandamus did it faster. The PSP will not drag ass if you file in court.

They don’t want my case to get judicial determination because it will be reviewed – to help others. . . . . . .

So the PSP and PAG lawyer both called me and said they are going to have me off the registry ASAP if I would enter into arbitration to not seek judicial determination. I did not agree to arbitration. I know they wanted me to settle out of court. But in the HB 1952 judicial determination is a must to stay off the registry.

HB 1952 will fall to three main cases. Commonwealth v. Butler – Commonwealth v. Nieman – Commonwealth v. Muniz, and can I add Commonwealth v. Reed.,