Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


If you want to protect civil liberties then you need to take a lesson from the individuals in our past that have fought for them. Why is the million man march so effective? Because there are a million or more people marching for the same cause (Civil liberties protections for African American people.). Why is San Francisco such a hub of strength for gays and Lesbians? Because of congregation and affirmative action.
We need people willing to fight the good fight and make the sacrifice that it would require. Harvey Milk, and Dr. King were both murdered for their cause. Should we assume that the hate for them, was any less strong than the hate for us? There will be no relent as long as we allow despicable people to commit despicable acts against us. As long as we hold on to the past and refuse to look at the future.
The only solution here is to congregate and take civil action with numbers and strength. Damn the laws, damn the opinions. God bless Liberty!
Imagine what we could do together. There are over 1 million registered citizens today. The number is growing stronger and bigger by the day. Include sympathetic family members and friends that number almost triples. Imagine if we all lived in the same area. What could we accomplish?