Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



They started the day after the Muniz denial for cert came down. I think what people don’t understand is that they can’t just look st your offense date and say. “Yep, this guys is coming off” they have to pull your file, send it to their in house attorney, who has to sign off on it,and then they have to send it back so they can take you off. That takes time.

Someone told me that 12 months should be enough time as once the new law shakes out, they will be able to move more quickly as a bit of people will be staying. Once they know all the facts, they can move more quickly. Now they are just looking st people that have completed and are awaiting removal. That is a LONG list. Remeber people that were off of M3 were told to come back onto SORNA. My neighbor was done for over a year, and they told him to come back. He thought it was a joke and ignored it. Luckily, his wife called and got confirmation he needed to report. The day the lawyer told him he needed to go back on, he was shell shocked. He just received a letter this past week saying you are done. He spent an additional 6 years and he just got his letter.

I think if you had an honest conversation with yourselves, you would find for the majority another “x” amount of time wouldn’t change that much for you. Sure, it would suck but you already have housing and employment. It might be a job that stinks but it is a job.
Remember , Employers are still going to see your charge when they do a background check.

I think people are putting way to much power into a piece of paper changing everything. It’s going to take time.