Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Hi Jim,
I think you should take a deep breath. Getting arrested isn’t going to make anything better. You are letting your emotions cloud your judgement. Take a few days off, go unwind in nature. Unplug and just get away. Don’t even take your phone with you.

You run the risk of setting back the community as well. Being non compliant is what they want. Being non compliant is NOT going to take you off. In fact, it will put your information out to even more people,becuase instead of people who love and work around you seeing your info, everyone in the world is going to see your info becuase you are going to be on the front page as being non compliant.
I can see the Commonwealth making the argument that until you receive the letter you are still in the registry. The judge may even back that up. Until PSP says it in writing, it doesn’t exist.
I advise you to seek legal advice and to stay current. Any sane attorney would advise their client to stay current.
I know your are upset that you were put on a registry you feel as though shouldn’t exist for you . You know what, all of us feel that way. Why give up and go to prison when we almost have this licked?

To all, STAY CURRENT. I do not care who tells you to stop. Until PSP puts it in writing addressed to you, STAY CURRENT. Even if they drag their feet and it takes another 1 1/2 years that is going to pale to the time you will be in prison. Besides if you fail to register, do you think they will ever give you a Pardon?