Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


@obvious answers, Ok i have to comment on a few things here. Some sex offenders do not have a way to get anywhere to get to work each morning. Some live in areas where buses do not run and if so by the time you get their your late each day by an hour or even by half hour. Walking to work will take hours and by the time you get there your feet is killing you. Try asking for car pulls is getting to the point where your pulling teeth now days. Getting a loan to buy a car your credit is crap. Finding a co-pay good luck on that. Family is across the country. Cant afford to just move into another apartment. So finding money for a few weeks to get a bus your bills are barely being paid so all you have is $10 to your name each month and yet you got to use that for to get an application for work or go to check in with the registery. But, how do you get around do anything without the means to pay for attorney of any kind. Your statement you make it sound 2 way road where the 3rd road is left out. Your thinking is pretty much saying get off your @ss or your looking for a free handout. Attorney like you people laugh at and think your a joke. No wonder why you dont get busy with all the 1 percentage of sex offenders to shell out a buck. I think your looking for a handout too. Asking everyone in the United States to shell out a buck. Yeah, it will make you rich and hell no it does not cost that much money to get things done. Do you think that the poor homless looking for handouts? Hell no. Reason i use to be homless for 6 months in cold dead winter and went threw hurricane super storm Sandy. So trying to rebuild with little budget is pretty hard. Plus, others that do have good homes, cars, jobs etc… is not going to shell out a buck for you to just hardly put a foot note into the registery. They are too busy worring about kids that they have or other obligations that need to be fullfilled. Your better off asking Trump to support your handout in cash. Reason why i say that is cause you failed to mention that their would be an account set up to where it is a legal binding in bank that only the funds go towards your parhitic proposal. Your saying you are just only a Paralegal. You stated you only work with 2 other law firms. Its going to take every law firm in the united states to get involved to even change for each state. So in your dream world its not going to happen. I doubt anything you say. I dont even think you are really any Paralegal. I think your just talking out of your @ass and think your an Paralegal etc… besides your statement if anything does not support true facts or you never produced any true facts. I think your a fraud. A fake. A unicorn.