Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Jim B

You can file in trial court, commons pleas court, commonwealth court. What county court you talking about?

I saw no writ – you put on here yet.

I think you should take time to understand the battle plan. The fight is with the Pa. legislature trying to move HB 1952 into law.

And placing pre- Sorna people back on the registry.

I feel that I am one of them they are trying to lure back on. I am off now. I got the letter in the mail, but I am not satisfied because I wanted a judicial determination from the court.

The court will try to dismiss my case for moot point.

But I am about to file an exceptional moot writ. Goo to google and type “exception to mootness” and you will see the light on how to attack moot dismisial