Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


We cannot continue. excuse me Sandy but don’t you think that statment is a bit overstated. Haven’t we the people continue to listen to government since government or big brother has had their say to the little people. Now believe it or not this sex offender ordeal with these ordiances, such such as curfews, even the halloween hysteria rules, where to live and where to not live or even the “public notifications” are a bit much. Being around kids when some were never even around kids in the first place has no merit in a true government. Who’s deceiving who in all this deception.

Now as you mentioned Sandy, We cannot continue. Yes we do need changes in all area of this sex ordeal or registry ordeal. People can talk about this shadow thing that seems to grip and stigmatize or put a hold on those who are weak in all this sex registry. Is this just a shadow and the imigination of us being carried away. We could also say this shadow is a spirit force but in the end we all know its bad for all when government seems to dish out this type of ordeal. Call it governmental control, brainwashing, or call it vanity or greed or fraudlent inducement

I did forget to mention that the government are ministers of God so just what does that mean. does that mean setting up people with fake things wanting them to commit to their standards, wanting to prostitute themselves in order to save some. That would be against Gods law. So you tell me is government inducing one in a lot of this sex sting operations over the internet for public safety or getting their brownie points for bringing someone down. Are they the one’s making a mockery of Justice or twisting it to suit their pockets?