Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Jim B
This terry I was ten year two count from Texas. When I got to Pa. in 2008 I was ten year X 1 update.

SORNA hit 2012 and I when to tier depending for a year. PSP in 2009 May and they classified as tier 3 life time due to two or more convictions – which was only two counts – AS v PSP should have taken care of that back in 2016 but they did not.

So when MUNIZ came I filed in Commonwealth court 13 Oct 2017
Mandamus. The PAG and PSP were not responding to my complaint at first then I realized why. I filed by U.S. Mail instead of certified mail service. by R.A.P. rule 1514 (c)

Once I filed correct jurisdiction of the commonwealth court kicked in. I made a Muniz claim under R.A.P. rule 1532 (b) summary relief

The court asked me to file a brief and I did. The PAG and PSP lawyers call me on the phone and what to enter into arbitration by settlement. They promised to have me off the registry on 15 Feb 2018 and they did do that good – However I got a letter from PSP saying I will be let off by Muniz but it is possible that if HB 1952 is passed into law I can be put back on. I GOT MAD AND HOT.

I filed an Exception to mootness motion to the Commonwealth court to show that the PSP and the PAG offered to voluntarily to take me off of SORNA and ML 3 at the same time in good faith, but it was not good faith it was a trick to high jack me from getting a judicial determination from a court judge to vest my rights in the Muniz law.

If they take me off the court don’t have to do it. . . The case mandamus would look moot. But there is a law in Pa. call the exception to mootness doctrine. PSP and PAG know that HB 1952 is coming to put me back on the registry.

I wish I could should you the letter. The PAG lawyer lady is a shady lady to me – she asked me to file a motion of dismiss due to them taking me off the registry. I NOT GOING TO DO THAT AT ALL. I am going to file my exception to mootness motion objecting to them taking me off the registry only to put me back on soon as HB 1952 hit the Gov’s desk.

HB 1952 page 109 line 5-14 house version and page 111 1-21 senate version says a “judicial determination is needed to stay off the registry. If they put you have you wave the right to challenge when they put you back on.

I am filing to fight moot dismissal. It was a bad faith move on the PSP and PAG thinking I want of the registry that bad that I would do what they want. I am Pro se and I know what to do from here.

I have the HB 1952 in by brief and HB 631 even though I am not on paper . also Act 111 and Act 19 and Act 152 Amendments to SORNA I am ready to appeal to the Superior Court on my way to the PASC to fight HB 1952 and HB 631 they are brother bills