Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


homeless camps need to go, yes, but only when there are other options.
For registered sex offenders that can’t live or work near any school, church (and do you realize how many “churches” are created in otherwise-vacant commercial and retail spaces, so the owners don’t have to pay property taxes on that real estate?), daycare, park, pool, or playground, THAT is the real problem. The root of the homelessness.

I say repeal all the offender-free zones and replace them with some laws that simply say it is an offense for a convicted sex offender to I(1) attempt to communicate with a minor or to (2) knowingly enter a facility (actually on the property, not just within 1000 feet of it) whose primary use and purpose is for the care, education (including spiritual) or entertainment of children, subject to a few common-sense exceptions that are necessary and don’t increase the risk of any new crime or “grooming” of future victims. Exceptions can be made for transacting business at fast food restaurants where 15-17 year olds work, or the HVAC serviceman being dispatched to repair the air conditioning system at a school or church when the building is empty and no kids are present.