Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Im going to stay current. I just think it is best for me to do so until i get the letter in hand and after that i will go call them to double make sure. I cannot afford the chances of losing 1 moment of my freedom. Some say yup you dont need to go in and register. I still am no matter what until i get that letter. Thats just how i am goung to play it out and im sorry but, showing some website to a psp and say see i dont have to register. They are going to say, sure bud that’s fine. Then a few minutes later or even a day or two later i get a sound pounding at my door and i get put in handcuffs and sit in jail until i see a judge and even the judge will say because the registery you are in still say your active your going to spend years in with the crazy people locked up. Then get out years later being 100 years old eating prunes in my death bed wishing i was young again and die. Then, i go see God and i get in so much trouble with him and i get sent to hell. Is it worth this much fear? I will stay compliant for sure. Thats just me.