Reply To: NARSOL wants charges dropped against teacher


“While these were meant to keep 18 year old girls from being lured by their 45 year old teacher”

Yeah because….everyone who is younger than the other person is always “lured”. It’s NEVER been a case of the younger person having a yen (crush, romantic interest) in the older person.
Has anyone here been to see the “Iron Man” movie? I’ve seen/heard young girls literally wooing over Robert Downey, Jr. He’s in his 50’s, maybe even 60 by now…? Yeah.
I don’t think this ridiculous dictatorship law was made for the reason you gave, I think it was made because the schools didn’t want the romantic involvement to secure a failing student getting a passing grade because the teacher would ‘favor’ the failing student.
All in all, still no place for LAW ENFORCEMENT in these instances. Resign or be moved to a different job location.
An of-age student with a teacher/coach does NOT make that teacher/coach a threat to anyone’s damn safety. Period.