Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


To be fair,
Some refer to Lea as “the lawyer lady”. Not the best way to start a review of someone’s job performance.
I found Lea to be very engaged and knowledsble. If I was in need of legal services, I would definitely consider her. When I am seeking advice from an professional, especially one I am paying, I like to not only ask for their advice but what do they base their advice on. If their answer is basically “becuase I said so”, that does not look good for them. Lea was able to give an answer and then explain why, based on the law, she felt that way.
I was surprised that she said a class action would be a waste of time, or that attempting to get a court order shutting down the registry for Pre Sorna people would not be worth the trouble. However her reasoning was sound.
I don’t see any judge bending over backwards for us. Enforcing the law, sure they will apply the Muniz Decision. However, no judge wants his reputation spoiled becuase you got relief and then re offended.