Reply To: Soho Forum: Horowitz, Hamilton face off over sex offender registries


The problem with people like Larry Nassar and Jerry Sandusky is that they will never be on the Registry. They will never get out of jail. My opinion is and always has been if I am so dangerous that I need to be on a registry I should never get out of jail. If they let us out and put us on Court supervision then give us a chance to put our lives back together. Don’t destroy us in the Community. If people see us on the registry they think “This person in my neighborhood is a danger to me and my family”. People in favor of the registry figure that it is worth hurting the 97% to protect children because the fact is the 97% did commit a crime. Who has sympathy for a criminal. They don’t realize that the 97% become more of a problem when they are unable to reintegrate back into the Community.