Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

Jim B

Chuck I appreciate your long response I agree people like your case will not be coming off I don’t think anyone has tried to say that. I think you are aware we have been trying to address the 4500 or so people that have completed their 10yr reg. Somehow you keep trying to include them in your posts eg. we have two yrs left then when asked about it you said you meant yourself. We can only take advantage of what is obvious PSP will have to do. That is people that have finished their time. When you post people with life that includes the 10yr people that were changed to life and you’re making your argument include them making them think they will not come off. Its my determination you are doing that to create conflict on here then you play stupid about it. Your motive I believe is your frustration in. having to stay on when others are going to get off. You have proven that many times now. You’re not as slick as you might think. Please stop it we do not need anymore confusion added to things. As far as you grieving I think everyone has got your point on that. Do not expect people that are coming off to be in that state they are in the process of making sure this goes the way it should. We are on to you and you better knock it off.