Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Jim B

Chuck for one they didn’t say not to file. Second at this point its not about just getting off reg its about accountability for PSP We need to fight what they are doing besides by the looks of things most people will not be getting off before a writ or class action can go through the court. Unless you are do relief now be quiet about this you have no right distorting what these lawyers said who in my opinion lea especially did not know much about whats going on they didn’t even know about HB631. Anyone who believes they have finished there time on reg per Muniz and AS we need to band together and take the fight to PSP even if we get off reg like Terry he’s still here fighting we need to hold them accountable so when we slam them with another case like Muniz their response will be swift and not a dragged out smoke and mirror show like we have now. Stop falling for the banana in the tail pipe trick.