Reply To: Former sex offender can remain as town’s fire chief

Jim B

Its funny how each response to my posts get more progressively distorted. Who ever the coward is that changed their name LOL My last response was deleted not sure if this will make it thru proves my point. As far as D.O.G. goes the want to be Chief has the D.O.G. for thinking his need for power and prestige in the community out weigh the obvious fact a normal society would not accept someone with a F1 on his recored be it murder or a SO. No one said sex offending I said sex offenders. No one said Full of SO. I said a higher rate meaning number of SO vs other jobs. I do not have to prove anything to you its your job to educate yourself on this. I think you should already know these things about positions like this and how they attract SO and narcissistic people. You are just being coy because I bring it to light. I have confidence in my knowledge about these matters and will not entertain request from a cowered that deletes my posts or hides behind a fake ID on here. But I will expect you to concede ones the facts are presented but I’m sure you’ll scurry away like you have shown you do already. The only people that have to provide proof or citations on here are you that not only play coy or delete post when they are called out on their BS but have limited knowledge or common sense in matters they pretend to know about and have the gull to act as someone who states something they do not know or understand somehow they need to prove it lol Prove to me you even deserve my time responding each time you change what I say because you’re embarrassed of your lack of knowledge and common sense in this matter. Its not my fault you put yourselves in such high regard. Its yours. What I stated are well known facts so let the distortion and squirming begin.