Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ all
HB 631 is for people on supervision of some kind.
They law is applied retroactive in that probation and parole are punishments that have requirement to fulfill.

Act 111, 52, and other amended parts of SORNA still apply to people on paper. That is what HB 631 is all about

Now HB 1952 is an attack on the Muniz decision to divide it to only help people that are done their ten years. . .

It is not law now, but when it become law the PSP will use it to put people they left off under MUNIZ to be put right back on after they give you a 90 day notice. (That is if you still have time left to do)

The problem with that is when muniz was made Law all previous ML’s expired- ML 3 was taken down by Nieman
ML-2 was taken down by Williams II – ML-1 Was taken down by Williams I and SORNA was taken down by MUNIZ.

HB 1952 don’t like that – HB 1952 wants to keep peole on the registry that still have time to do. That seems fair but MUNIZ should put a people off because their offense is before 20 Dec 2012.

HB 1952 wants to say – not to that MUNIZ right. That can be challenged if you don’t want to keep on doing the yearly up date – or phone in, of if you got life time you can wait 25 years and apply to get off. . . HB 1952 is a MUNIZ divider – It don’t take being a lawyer to see that. It takes reading the HB 1952 and you will know it is wrong to adjust what the PASC has decided in MUNIZ for all pre-SORNA people. Off is Off not Off by MUNIZ and if you have time left to do back on by HB 1952 (Does any one hear what PSP is saying? They are going to try to put ever MUNIZ back on if they can if He has any time left to do. . . .